Personal Training

When looking for a personal trainer, the very first thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want to gain from this?

I’ve never had to ask myself that question as I’ve never had a personal trainer. (Which is kind of like wanting to be a comedian having never seen a comedy show, right?) But, the way I decided what kind of PT I wanted to be was to think about what key principals I live by and what drives me… And the answer to both of those – as well as the very first question – is Vitality.

To have vitality is to have physical and mental health. It’s feeling energised, motivated, strong. It is, I believe, a quality most of us strive for, even if we don’t give it a name. My personal training programme orientates around just that. Promoting vitality.

Skill set

A tutor once told me that becoming a personal trainer with a Level 4 certificate expands one’s toolkit and he was right. Now that I’ve completed my qualification I’m also a nutrition adviser, lifestyle coach, lower back pain specialist and pre- and post-natal coach.

My skill set, or toolkit if you like, comprises weight management expertise, the ability to carry out kettlebell, circuit, resistance, functional, core and suspension training as well as exercise programming and prescription.

Skill set

Mentor | Trainer | Coach

My services offer scope whereby the client dictates what they want from their programme.

If my client is seeking a mentor, I’ll provide guidance and support. If they require a trainer, I’ll help them train for that race, hit their goal weight for that event or get fit for that trip. And if they need a lifestyle coach, I will help them combat the yoyo dieting and that plateau.


I also provide nutrition services and provide meal plans, recipes, supplement advice and everything in between.


Going over your PT plan

What now?

Now you know a bit more about my strategy, the next thing to do is to research. Also, think about whether your goal is primarily weight-loss, aesthetic or fitness orientated.

Any questions, whether they’re about my personal training plans and prices or for anything else on Anna Vitality, drop an email to