Group Workouts

Here you’ll find the group workouts I offer that’ll help you achieve the results you’re after with the benefits of attending a class, such as enhanced extra motivation and a little friendly competition…

Killer KB

This group workout makes the most of kettlebell exercises in a small class setting. The movements in this class range from fast and dynamic to slow and controlled. Great for toning and increased energy levels.

Suitable for beginners.

Total TRX

Improve strength and balance with this total body training system. TRX suspension encourages greater performance and functionality by using your own body weight and challenging your core stability and strength.

This class is better suited to people who train frequently,

Sunday Circuits

Circuit training is a whole body, high energy style of workout that involves rotating around a number of exercise stations. It’s fast-paced, fun and a great way to tackle weight loss and improve cardio fitness!

Suitable for beginners.

Due to government guidelines and restrictions relating to Covid-19, these classes are currently unavailable. Let’s hope we can all get back to working out together soon!