The Meadow Cafe

A rustic interlude, bridging you from the coast to the city (however small this ‘city’ may be.) Located in the heart of St David’s, West Wales, The Meadow Coastal Cafe is one of the quirkiest, most homely cafe’s I’ve ever stumbled across. Here you can expect the freshest of Welsh flavours, from breakfast through to dinner, while still being able to hear the subtle sound of waves crashing on the beach.


Breakfast is a my favourite part of any day, so when I’m sitting on the aromatic benches of pine outside this rustic cafe, waiting for my avocado and chilli on crispy honey toast, it’s even more exciting. After a beautiful first bite of toast, I sip my very berry smoothie, a blended concoction of blueberry, raspberry, banana and agave syrup. The presentation is just as exciting as the flavours.


A splendid execution of utter deliciousness…

0136_The Meadow32744781_595559907484968_4963146130016698368_osavingPNG 17

For lunch the choices are equally as enticing.

There’s sweet potato pakoras, feta and beetroot salad, homemade soup of the day, chilli con carne the welsh way, ham hock broth or the infamous ‘Grazed on the Meadow’ burger.

0147_The Meadow0131_The Meadow

0141_The Meadow

The meadow is definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in St David’s. A cosy, rustic hub that offers feel good, hearty yet healthy food as well as evening entertainment, exciting events and lots of friendly faces.


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