Eat Courgettes

Now, I’ve got to say, a couple of months ago, courgettes would’ve been one of the last foods I’d think of popping into my shopping basket. I love my veggies, especially the Mediterranean -and often green- ones. Courgettes though? No thanks. These guys were definitely featured in my top most disliked foods list, along with mushrooms, truffle and liquorice.

But, when you’ve just always had such a strong dislike for something there comes a point where you question why?Was it their taste? Their texture? Their smell? (Do they even have a smell?)  Or was the whole thing in my head? Psychological if you like. A figure of my imagination.

So then, one day, this weird thing happens.

I got up, got dressed, headed to the shop, grabbed a basket and what did I do? I went and put a courgette in it. That’s right. A courgette. In mybasket. What’s weirder is that once I returned home, I got a bowl out of the cupboard, and ate it.


This literally happened. Ok so, not like literally. I didn’t just chop up a courgette and get a spoon ready to dive in (as the picture above suggests).

But I did however have it it for breakfast ….and I’m about the tell you how and more intriguingly -why…



Quoted from Anna Vitality Instagram;
“These bad boys contain hardly any calories, have a high water content -making them a friend for people wanting to lose a bit of weight- and are the perfect ingredient for bulking out any meal to help you feel fuller for longer…. They aren’t packed with micronutrients, but they do contain significant amounts of vitamin C which is vital for our immune system, skin, hair and nails, as well as potassium which is key to controlling blood pressure”

So, y’know I said I hated the damn things? Well, it turns out
…. I don’t.

Their texture ain’t all that great as for taste and smellI really don’t think they have much.

They do, on the other hand, have some really beneficial nutritional properties and, when chopped finely and mixed together with oats -or even blended into a breakfast smoothie- you really can’t taste them.

So, why do it then?

Well, like I said, it bulks out the meal and is loaded with essential vitamins- this can suppress cravings and helps you feel fuller for longer. It’s also allows you start your morning knowing you’ve already consumed more than one of your five a day, especially when the berries and bananas get stirred into the equation.

How do I do it….

All you gotta do is roughly chop the courgette into small cubes, pop them in a bowl with a little water and microwave for 90 seconds, softening their otherwise hard texture. Next, I like to pop them in a mini food processor and whiz them up so they’re super fine, but you can skip this if you’re a more skilful chopper-upper than I am. Next, I pop them in my favourite breakfast bowl with one cup of oats, half a cup of chia seeds, half a mashed banana and whatever nut milk I have in the fridge …. and mix. Lastly I shake in a generous amount of ground cinnamon, stir thoroughly and then pop my magical mix of goodness intp the microwave for a further two minutes until it’s really gloopy and creamy. I add some blueberries, the other half of the banana and some wallnuts on top and in goes my spoon for my first taste. If I don’t add the banana to the mix I find that the oats can taste a little on the savoury side and so, if I’m all out of bananas, I’ll often add a small spoonful of honey, a form of nut butter or, to mix it up even further, I’ll blend the blueberries into the mixture at the start instead, which not only adds a bursting, sharp, sweetness but it gives the oats a fabulous vibrant purpley colour. So, however you chose to do it, as long as the courgettes are finely chopped and a few other (sweeter) ingredients are added to the bowl then you’ll have a winner. #BreakfastZoats

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