Puma Activewear

I’m such a huge fan of Puma and buying these leggings has only re-confirmed my love for the brand.
DSC00522Let me start with the material. They are unlike any other sportswear leggings I own. They’re just as smooth to touch as they are to wear, they are thick and dense yet perfectly stretchy and they have a slight shimmer but are far from ‘wet look’.

Oh yeah, they’re also the ideal length which is hard to find when you’re 5’3ft and most ‘normal’ or ‘full length’ leggings go past your toes.

The figure flattering waist band pulls you yet it isn’t restrictive and, it gets better- when you move… the leggings don’t!  Now, that may sound weird to some but I’m sure for the gym go-ers reading this, who, like myself, own a range of workout pants, will empathise with me when I say that not all leggings stay put. I own so many of the damn things, both branded and high street, and more often than not they move waaaay too much.

This could be down to the weak elasticity, which is probably just what made you buy them in the first place! Pants with less elasticity will feel thinner and softer making them  ideal for lounging around in on a Sunday morning… but when it’s time for jump squats? Not so ideal.

When the elasticity isn’t strong, rather than concentrating on your form, counting your reps and pushing through the pain, you’re stopping every two minutes to pull your stupid leggings up. But not these.


Click here if you fancy getting your hands on a pair!


My top is Noisy May -a brand I usually find in Urban Outfitters- I got this however on ASOS < Click here to check it out


Lastly, if you love your trainers bright and bold then you might just fancy a pair of these : Nike Air Max


So that’s my second (and probably my favourite) haul of this new category.
I hope you found it useful, leave a comment if you did, and stay tuned as there are many more posts like this in the pipe line!

Anna Vitality x

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