USA Pro Activewear

So, I’ve never invested in USA Pro before but with a massive sale on the Sports Direct website, it was hard NOT to add some of it’s new range (along with many other garms) to my basket. Now, normally when ‘filling ones basket’ I get a huge sense of buyers remorse just as I’m about to pay and somehow I always manage to back out of clicking the “continue to check out” button. This time however, you guessed it, I clicked the damn button. That’s right “Continue to Check Out” received one very definite click from me and, a few days later when my purchases arrived at my home, I was soo happy it did.

I think the thing that often puts me off shopping online is the hassle involved when you want to return something. There’s been countless times where I’ve been stuck with what looks like a completely different piece of clothing to the item that the 5.11ft, size 6 girl on the screen was modelling. So, when it comes to sending it back… ughhh it makes me cringe just thinking about it. First you’ve got to fill out these forms using codes that supposedly explain your reasons for returning something. 1. item was faulty, 2. item is too big/small, 3. I was sent the wrong size (though, there’s never the option that says something along the lines of “this ain’t the same dress that tall freckly Chloe had on in the pic, that’s for sure”). Then you’ve got to google the nearest drop off point, get yourself and the bag of not so-goodies to said drop off point, get lost three times on the way, get angry at Sally the Sat Nav, get your angry ass in to the drop of point, get caught up in a queue of not-so happy customers (all doing the same thing as you are), get frustrated at what seems to be the worlds first ever touch screen device you have to use in order to print off your returns labels and get your parcel into the bloody box that’s full to the brim of other returns!

And THAT my friends is why I never click the “continue to check out” button. Instead I just just enjoy building up a intangible catalogue of dream clothes that never actually reach my wardrobe. But this time, they reached it.

After a knock at the door, a barking dog going mad at the delivery lady and a ‘that’s nothing like my signature’ kind of signature from moi, I had my new bag of goodies! When I opened the plastic bag, out fell my ‘returns form’ of which I hoped would never have to be used, and lots of fabulous different materials and colours. Amongst my new buys (which I’ll talk about in blogs to come) was some of Little Mix’s new USA Pro range. The items I ordered were pretty cheap so, naturally, I was a bit apprehensive that they wouldn’t be great quality. However… they feel and look:



These USA Pro Leggings are made of a gorgeously soft, stretchy, not too thick, material making them breathable and super comfy. They’re also high waisted, as you’ll see in the next photos, which is flattering as this accentuates the waist. The thin material however doesn’t ‘pull you in’ like some of my thicker leggings do. I’d also be very careful when choosing what underwear to wear with these due to their pale colour and that they are a bit on the thin side. BUT, they were only £13! #Bargain

The USA Pro mesh vest is seriously one of my fave buys from my gym kit haul. Not only was it just £7.50, it’s super stylish and, in my opinion, it makes the outfit. It’s got this grunge, dancer vibe – which I love- and I can really see myself wearing this, not just in the gym, but paired with a white crop, some fresh new kicks and distressed denim shorts for the summer.


The crop top I’m wearing is from H&M but, as I bought it a while ago it’s no longer available. However, here’s one from their new season that would go just as well:
H&M Dusty Pink Sports Bra


Then again, you’re more likely to get a closer match of pink by sticking to the USA Pro theme. I had a look on Sports Direct and these two are also great, if not better:
USA Pro: Grey & Pink Crop  OR   USA Pro: Pink Seamless Bra


If you noticed my yeezy inspired shoes in the first pic and wondered what they are and where they from, well….  thank Primark. I know. Shocker right?

They were £12, they’re super lightweight, unbelievably comfortable and surprisingly supportive. I’m not lying when I say this but they honestly feel as good as something produced by a big name sports brand!

The only negative things I have to say about these trainers is that 1.the laces are awkward to do up without them looking stupidly bulky (and tucking them in isn’t great for doing sports) and 2. the colour is absolutely fab but for this particular outfit it’s slightly off colour being that it is a more dusty pink compared to nude/beige kind of pink of the crop top and leggings. However, you can’t deny that they go well with this look?!


2 thoughts on “USA Pro Activewear

  1. Daisy

    Hi Anna,
    I am really enjoying reading your blog.
    I am only just getting into fitness so it is great to read honest feedback.
    Would you recommend jogging in these trainers or am I better to invest in something else?
    Thanks a bunch,


    • Hi Daisy,
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading my blog. Any recommendations for future posts are always welcome 😊
      As for the trainers, I’d say these are fine for the gym, weight lifting and cardio exercises where your feet are supported (such as using the bike or rowing machine). As for jogging, you might want to invest in something a little more sturdy as, although I said they are supportive and lightweight (which are two great things to look for in running shoes) I do think that the material is a little on the thin side. Also, the laces aren’t as good as that on my other running shoes.
      Next time you’re in a sportswear shop, try on loads and just jog around in them. Sounds daft but it will definitely help you find your perfect running shoe 👌🏼
      Hope this helped!


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