It’s My Birthday

It’s the 28th February 2017, my 23rd Birthday, and after opening my pressies, going to the gym and coming home to make my dad and I a stack of pancakes (yep, my birthday landed on Pancake Day -be jealous) I started to think about what look to go for for dinner tonight. I decided on my usual jeans, boots and pretty top combo with a very elegant long white coat and for makeup I chose to go for a bronzed, caramel look with a bold lip, using some of my new makeup given to me today.To find out how I got my look, keep scrolling…



So, as I do every day, after washing my face with some Simple Facial Cleanser I moisturised with my go-to Nivea cream. Then, as always, I waited five to ten minutes for it to soak into my skin before applying any makeup or primer. I then squeezed a small amount of my favourite All-In-One primer by The Body Shop onto my index finger and distributed it evenly over my face ready for my foundation.


With my Eco Tools Kabuki brush I then applied my foundation which is the Mac Studio Sculpt in the shade NC40. To contour, I used these Barry M chubby sticks that I bought recently from the supermarket (and have used every day since). I tend to use the dark one to crete a shadow just underneath my cheekbones as well as on my temples and forehead and then the light one I use to highlight my brow bones, the tip of my nose, my cheek bones, jaw line and chin. Before moving onto eyes I dust some of my new Mineralise Skin Finish Bronzer (by Mac in the colour Global Glow) over the contoured areas to bring a peachy golden shimmer to my face.


For brows I used a Rimmel eyebrow pencil in a dark brown colour and, because I don’t particularly like using a brow gel, I simply used an old-ish mascara to go over them which is a great way to hold your brows in place if you’re like me and aren’t fussed on the gel formulas. I then opened my brand new eye shadow palette given to me for my birthday (by best friend Elena) which had me pretty excited as I love a good eye shadow pallette. It was the Unlimited Basics palette by Urban Decay and I used the warm beige colours not only to go with my new ombre hair but also to complement one of my favourite Mac lippy’s in the colour Persistence. I then used my new High Impact mascara by Clinique to finish off the look. And voilà. There you have it. My birthday makeup look.

With my new O-Bag in hand (yes, an O-bag), I jump in the car with James and my parents and we made our way to my favourite restaurant, Miller & Carter, for my Birthday meal. And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this blog guys and make sure you stay tuned to read my next blogs all about this mysterious O-Bag and my new favourite makeup items….

Anna Vitality x


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