Fit Bit Vs Apple Watch

“Now, this is your main present” my Mum told me on Christmas morning, handing me a clumsily wrapped rectangular box. My instinct was that underneath this golden gift wrap and tinsel would be, I don’t know, a Parker pen, a jewellery box,  an electric toothbrush perhaps?  “It’s a Fit Bit!” she blurted out, before I was even done unwrapping. “A Fit Bit Charge 2, to be precise. I’ve got one for myself and for your Dad so we can all track our steps and sleep and….” she went on, excitedly.

Now, I had obviously heard of these things but never had it occurred to me to find out about them, read about them, look at them in the store, let alone have one. So, I set up my new gadget Christmas evening and charged it overnight. The next morning I place my  ‘main present’ on my wrist and waited to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I haven’t taken it off since.

My boyfriend has an Apple Watch (you can guess where this is going). We like to compare our fitness devices and see how much exercise we’ve done, how many calories we’ve burned, what our heart rates are etc. and the one thing I particularly like seeing is how much sleep we’ve-wait…”What d’you mean your Apple Watch can’t track your sleep?” Ok, so Apple watches don’t monitor sleeping patterns (unless you get the app that allows you to). No big deal. “I know if I’ve slept well or not, or if I’ve been up in the night for a pee. I dont need some machine on my arm to tell me that” the boyfriend states, defending his precious Apple Watch.

So we go on, comparing how ‘fit’ we are for days and days on end and-wait… “What do you mean you have to charge your watch every night? It’s not like it’s going to die after a day or something…” Ah. Here comes problemo numero dos: It’s battery life. While I can wear my Fit Bit for sometimes up to five days without charging it, James’ £400 Apple Watch lasts on average twelve hours (2-0 to Fit Bit).

“But is your Fit Bit waterproof? Can you reply to texts using your Fit Bit? Does your Fit Bit have a navigator? Can your Fit Bit….” he fights back. Ok, so my Fit Bit is only splash proof while the Apple Watch is completely water-resistant. The Apple Watch is also much more than an activity tracker. It’s a smartwatch. It does a lot, so much so that I couldn’t possible try to jusify its capabilities in one paragraph. It can be more personalised with loads of styles, straps and colours to chose from and even the watch face itself can be altered depending on your mood. However, The Fitbit Charge 2 is undeniably much cheaper and gets down to the nitty-gritty of fitness. Plus, you can also get alerts from your smartphone.

Ultimitely, both the Fitbit and the Apple Watch have many features that will help you on your journey to becoming a fitter you. They both track your activities, they both monitor your heart rate, they both remind you to move, they can both be tethered to your phone, and can both be styled in a way that best suits your personality.

(But… the Fit Bit is better!)

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