Drink More Water

Over the last six months I’ve felt the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever felt. I’m more positive, I’m focussed, I train harder and see results more readily, I’ve had one break out that consisted of three spots on my chin that lasted no longer than 48 hours and I hardly ever get ‘down days’ (which was something I was far too familiar with not too long ago.) So, what’s changed? I’ve finished Uni. I’m in a happy relationship. I have more self-confidence. Surely there’s got to be something else. Then, one morning while filling up my bottle for the gym, it hit me… Water.

Water is that one thing I can pin-point that’s changed in my life, and by changed I mean – I drink way more of the stuff. Having this moment made me realise just how important it is. It is that all-important, crucial ingredient we can give our bodies (of which are already made up of 60% of it.) It is the one vital element involved in pretty much every function of the human body. Not only does it improve our general well-being but it improves our abilities to achieve goals both mentally and physically; it enhances our brain functions, elevates our mood, optimises training potential and clears our skin.

It’s common knowledge that it’s ‘important’ to drink plenty of water it’s just that not many of us actually do. Instead we drink coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, alcohol. But water really is the first step to being healthy.

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To help ease the monotony of drinking water here are some easy-peasy ideas to help add some flavour and texture to your bottle;

Citrus Water
Just add a squeeze of a lemon and some orange segments.

Berry Blast
I like to use blueberries & raspberries but use whatever berries tickle your fancy.

Cool as Cucumber
Chuck in some crushed ice and – you guessed it – cucumber.

S’lime H20
Don’t worry, there’s nothing slimy about it. It’s just some strawberries and lime… get it?

A breath of fresh air
Fresh mint leaves and a chunk of celery

Spice it up
Add some crushed ginger and lemongrass.

Drink More Water

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