OK so, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated but none of us really know HOW important or, more to the point- do anything about it. We may ‘drink’ plenty of liquids but coffee, fruit juices and coca cola isn’t going to do the trick. Water, on the other hand, will. Whether you suffer with headaches, belly problems, frequent breakouts or find it hard year after year to shred off those Christmas pounds- water is the answer. And here’s why…

I’m no nutrition expert (yet) but I know what our kidneys job is and that is to remove all the crap from our bodies. What I also know is that when we become dehydrated, our kidney’s functions are inefficient and consequently our liver has to step in and work overtime. When this happens our livers become lazy and don’t work as effectively as they should do and this my friends is what leads to weight gain. Basically, the liver metabolises fat, and if it can’t do it properly, the fat stays put. So if we drink more, we work better on the inside and out.

Do you often wake up with a headache and/or thinking about what’s in the breakfast cupboard? I know I do. Well, if that sounds like you,  instead grabbing the pack paracetamol or heading straight for the fridge, have a glass of water. It’s so common to mistake thirst for hunger and ultimately this leads to overeating. I find that once I have a large glass of water in the morning that I no longer feel as hungry (but still hungry. I’m always hungry.)  PLUS, it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Win.

When we’re dehydrated our bodies tend to hold onto fluid which is what causes bloating and sometimes weight gain. Water found within cells (such as our fat cells ) is subsequently retained to make up for the water of which we are lacking. So, the less water in our fat cells means there’s less mobilisation for energy!

Water enables oxygen to reach our muscles which in turn aids the body’s physical performance. So, basically, the more water we intake results in more water inside our muscle cells and so the better they function. Think of it as if we were a plant – As they need water to grow and become stronger, so do we. In case you didn’t know, water is two parts oxygen and that is the fuel we need in our muscles!

Not having enough water in our bodies can cause some water to be ‘borrowed’- if you like – from our blood. I learnt that this can cause small vessels to close, thickening the blood, thus making it more difficult to pump around the body. This can result in some major health problems including heart disease and high cholesterol. Yeah… No thanks!

One last tip: next time you buy your water from the shop take a quick look at its pH level. Alkaline water (with a pH of 7.3 and over) helps to neutralize the body’s acidity levels, hydrates the body to its full potential and is rich in minerals. Acidic water on the other hand has a lower pH level and has been proven to provide a prime environment within which cancer cells thrive. Plus, it can increase the chances of health problems developing/worsening due to its lack of minerals …I know which one I’d prefer.


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