Self confidence

It takes finding yourself. It really does. Until I knew what I wanted from life and where I could see myself in the future well, I was just in a constant state of limbo. I loved art, but also dance, Interior Design but also science, music but also writing….. I had no idea of where I was headed. I had these interests and ideas but something was missing.

No one is you and that is your power

Obviously, what makes one person happy will be different to the next. For me, it was to learn to love myself. That’s what was missing. Self-confidence, self-love.

Ever heard or read the saying “no one is you and that is your power”? It was reading this that helped me edge my way closer and closer to making Anna Vitality.

This Blog is not a hobby, nor is it merely a new business ventur. It’s a snippit into the person I’m getting closer and closer to becoming. And that’s what makes it so important.

Sure, I want it to be a platfrom upon which I can inspire my readers and motivate my followers to keep fit and all the rest of it… but it’s also here to mark a stage in my life and to act as a reminder. A reminder that this is a new chapter. This is me.

This is Anna Vitality.

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